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Hanging Around

“I think journalists could learn a lot from hanging around with successful librarians.”

Youth Sports Injuries

Interesting article, “Soccer-related ER visits soaring among U.S. youth players” (The Washington Post, 9.12.16). Statistics comparing sports and trends are included.

The article also makes the point that some of the injuries are due to so many more kids at so many different skill levels and development stages trying the sport. So as tough as it is to see so many levels from recreation to uber-competitive traveling teams, it makes sense to have kids play with and against other kids at their skill level.

I will try to keep that in mind when my kids go through evaluations and try-outs for their sports of choice.



Really interesting article in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal about brands reacting right away to Prince’s passing.

Brands mark Prince’s death with tweets, and hit a few sour notes.


I don’t know that I am bothered by any of these, especially those included here from MN brands, but those companies with an even deeper connection are getting – as the article states – a warmer reception.

One that really works – Chevy’s “Little Red Corvette.” Check out Adweek’s take here.


Amen, Adam Wainwright

I agree with your tweet and I wish you could have beat the Cubs!

I’d love it if ads like those from Latuda with all of the scary side effects wouldn’t run during American Idol (and other kid-attractive programming) either.

Did you know? … Shift Happens

Every year I teach the intro to reference/access services class to library science students, I end the first class by showing a video from the “Did you know?” series. I used to tear up as I thought they were such a powerful way to show the power of information.

I now keep my emotions in check. Partly because there are so many amazing videos I could choose from now to illustrate the same point. Partly because the series has shifted from an education to a media focus. But I still think it’s powerful.

Check out the latest:

Did You Know? Shift Happens, 2014 Remix

The original Did You Know/Shift Happens content and video comes from work done by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod for a faculty meeting in 2006. See this wikispace for early history. Here is the original video.

There have been other take offs done in between, but what I love about the original and the remix is that the sources are provided.

Why’s the media guy such a jerk?

I’ve felt bad when he’s been sorely underappreciated for his agency work, but he hasn’t done himself any favors.

Harry Crane’s latest move on Megan just puts him further down the chain of low life guys on Mad Men. And there are a lot of them. But most of the rest of the worst of them admittedly have at least some charm or potentially redemptive qualities. Or at least a horrifyingly fresh 70’s mustache or hairdo.

I love this headline – “Harry Crane Asks Megan for Sex In Exchange For Acting Gigs On ‘Mad Men’ & Officially Becomes the Worst Ever” – from Bustle, 4.13.15.

With just a few episodes left, it’s doubtful the media guy will have time to evolve. Too bad. I wish he and everyone else would be sticking around just a bit longer.

Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy

Can’t get enough of Uptown Funk lately, and I have to admit that my favorite line is “smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy” in spite of peanut allergies in my house. It’s interesting how many brand names make it into pop songs, probably more than we ever think about. Sometimes it’s blatant like Paul Simon’s Kodachrome, sometimes it’s literally a one-liner. I have a feeling if I listened to more country, I’d hear even more, and I might end up craving Jack Daniels! Here are some of my favorite brand pop placements:

  • B-52’s – Love Shack – “I’ve got me a Chrysler, it seats about twenty”
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter – I Feel Lucky – “I bought a pack of Camels, a burrito and a Barq’s”
  • Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am – “I’d buy you Rogaine if you start losing all your hair”
  • Prince – Little Red Corvette
  • Outkast – Hey Ya – “Shake it like a Polaroid picture”