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Did you know? … Shift Happens

May 13, 2015

Every year I teach the intro to reference/access services class to library science students, I end the first class by showing a video from the “Did you know?” series. I used to tear up as I thought they were such a powerful way to show the power of information.

I now keep my emotions in check. Partly because there are so many amazing videos I could choose from now to illustrate the same point. Partly because the series has shifted from an education to a media focus. But I still think it’s powerful.

Check out the latest:

Did You Know? Shift Happens, 2014 Remix

The original Did You Know/Shift Happens content and video comes from work done by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod for a faculty meeting in 2006. See this wikispace for early history. Here is the original video.

There have been other take offs done in between, but what I love about the original and the remix is that the sources are provided.

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