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How is the YM woman doing today?

October 14, 2014

I heard an NPR interview with Cosmopolitan editor Joanna Coles this morning. In it, she reflects on how the Cosmo woman is doing today (NPR, 10.14.14). I was happy to hear that she is doing okay – whether or not she’ll welcome political talk next to sex tips remains to be seen.

But regardless, it got me wondering how the YM woman is doing today. Or the Sassy woman for that matter. I never really graduated to Cosmo and its salaciousness, but for my teen years I loved my YM subscription which was supposed to balance out the Boys’ Life my brothers got each month through Cub Scouts. YM was shuttered in 2004 (AP, 10.6.04). Sassy had a much shorter run.

I love this BuzzFeed article to bring back my teen years a bit through a look at YM covers (, 4.30.13). Gen Xers get ignored a lot, but at least we have memories of flipping through magazines to go back to. Will Millennials say the same about the websites they’ve visited?

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