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VH1 Plus

January 17, 2013

I always think it’s interesting to learn about major rebranding efforts of tried and/or true brands. Recently cable network VH1 unveiled a new graphic identity. To go along with that news, here is a very incomplete picture of where the brand has been.

2013 January 16

  • New promotional materials feature a plus sign (+) within the VH1 letterforms.
  • The plus sign featured in the brand’s new graphic identity is meant to represent the network’s dedication to combining music, pop culture and nostalgia programming.

2010 July 26

  • VH1 creates a Foursquare badge, VH1 Fanatic Badge

2008 February 2

  • VH1 Uno discontinued

2006 March 27

  • VH1 Country music video channel renamed CMT Pure Country


  • Dropped “Music First” from name


  • VH1 Save the Music Foundation launched

1994 Fall

1985 January 1

  • Network launched as Video Hits 1

Logo history

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