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Crazy Mashups

January 10, 2013

Chessboxing anyone? Apparently it can teach us about creativity (Co.Design, 11.21.12),

What are some other mashups that might help open up our minds and bodies?

  • Social bridging – At the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, they attempt to bring together knitters and graffiti artists, ukulele and opera, etc. (Santa Cruz Good Times, 12.26.12)
  • Edutainment – getting kids to learn through video games and other media they are interested in interacting with (, 12.19.12)
  • Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School combines burlesque, comedy, drinking and drawing (Sabotage Times, 6.19.11)

In an office space it might be sitting the creative types by the analytically minded.

In a classroom it might be called following an IB curriculum, or even simpler, creating story problems to make math more intriguing.

In a preschoolers playroom, it might be turning the Barbie playhouse into a garage for the Batmobile.

Whatever gets people to play nice together and either eases them or tricks them out of their comfort zone.

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