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This Changes Everything!

December 3, 2013

How many times can we say, “This changes everything” and actually mean it? If we are each writing in our own personal journals, maybe several times a year or more. When we read headlines for the collective, it seems there are products and entertainment moments in abundance. Do we believe it?

Mobile Technology Changes Everything (WSJ, 11.29.13)

Smart Wheel By FlyKly Could Change Everything About Commuting (, 11.9.13)

The Good Wife recap: This Changes Everything! Season 5 Episode 05 (, 10.28.13)

$67 million gift to Mayo Clinic ‘changes everything’ (, 10.23.13)

Xbox One “changes everything” says Microsoft (GameSpot, 8.23.13)

How YouTube changes everything (, 7.25.13)

Fracking changes everything (SF Bay Guardian, 4.16.13)

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