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If Only Passing Quotes Around Made Us Smarter

May 24, 2013

BuzzFeed created a lot of buzz this week with its “27 Things Advertising People Know To Be True” post. First 10 listed here:

  1. Everyone hates status meetings.
  2. When it’s eerily quiet on the line, you know the other callers are talking shit on mute.
  3. And as soon as you get off the phone, you do this so you can chat about all the stupid stuff said on the call.
  4. You see these buzzwords in emails almost every day.
  5. Meeting invites are the bane of your existence.
  6. Eating lunch at your desk is an everyday occurrence.
  7. Clients always want the logo to be BIGGER.
  8. Pitching new business means you’ll lose sleep and your sanity.
  9. Seeing QR codes in impractical places makes you shake your head.
  10. Great company culture includes a whole lot of weird.

I’ll agree with everyone else that most, if not all of them, are absolutely true. When I first saw the tweeted headline, I immediately thought of the interstitials running during Mad Men on AMC, most of which we also know are true, although a bit trite and even possibly tired when pulled out of the show.

There are Mad Men quotes all over the place – here’s one place for recaps and episode quotes:

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