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How has Twitter changed the world?

November 21, 2012

In too many ways in too many categories to count, and the headlines are often sensational, but here is a start of recent activity to explore:

  1. Foreign policy or twi-plomacy (PBS, 11.14.12)
  2. The business of TV (Forbes, 11.13.12)
  3. Truthiness (, 11.6.12)
  4. Down to the wire presidential campaigning (Mirror Online, 11.7.12)
  5. Military intelligence gathering (Computerworld, 11.8.12)
  6. Sports’ bars (SFGate, 10.24.12)
  7. Philanthropy (, 11.15.12)
  8. PR pros job stability (ABC News, 10.4.12)

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