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Vending Madness

November 19, 2012

Put your quarters in and punch it up. Or more likely go much more high-tech with a fingertip or card swipe.  And don’t settle for stale, calorie intense treats. Opt for much more from the latest vending machines.

Secondhand books (, 11.19.12)

A coke and a smile for even not-so-stellar dance moves (, 11.17.12)

Bagels via a claw – much more satisfying than those fuzzy dice you almost got every time (, 10.2.12)

Starbucks minus barista (Mail Online, 9.9.12)

IKEA stuff, minus any written instructions of course (CTV News, 11.19.12)

Weed! (, 11.18.12)

Healthier options in the windy city (, 11.15.12)

Helmut Hub (Jaunted, 11.12.12)

Hot … and Cold (, 11.7.12)

Art that looks much more appealing than the warnings on cigarette labels (, 11.16.12)

Flats after a night of dancing in heels (, 8.16.12)

Bentley keys (, 8.16.12)

Pizza cooked at 700 degrees (, 6.13.12)

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